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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, 2010 was another crappy year in reading for me. I finished a mere 20 books, a full 3 fewer than 2009. It was such a sad year that I have resolved to read more in 2011. Anyway, as per normal, here is a discussion of the books read in 2010. I am not going to bother putting in the list of books, unless it is demanded.

The best Ursula K LeGuin books I read in 2010 was A Wizard of Earthsea narrowly edging out City of Illusions. Yes the fantasy beat out the SF.

The overall best novel I read in 2010 was probably The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. This is a must read for fans of time travel stories!

The most nonsensical book I read in 2010 was The Silmarillion “by” J.R.R. Tolkein. It’s really a collection of notes edited posthumously by his son Christopher, and is a difficult read. Interesting for people who enjoy LOTR, but a big undertaking.

The best collection of essays was David Foster Wallace’s Consider the Lobster. In fact I should read more of his essays post haste. Honorable mention goes to Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain, however.

Looking back at the books I read in 2010, Consider the Lobster was probably my favorite overall, although I enjoyed most of them quite a bit.

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