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Friday, February 3, 2012

Now what I thought I was going to write about

I had some ideas about what to write about today, and then, well, work got busy and I forgot.

But then I had an idea to write about, one that is interesting but which I am not really completely familiar with yet… And that idea is POPOS – Privately Owned, Public Open Space. These are public spaces in downtown San Francisco that are privately owned. It turns out that there are a fair number of them within walking distance of my office on California between Montgomery and Sansome. I’ve chatted about them some with my coworkers in the past week, and we’re going to start checking them out on our lunch breaks.

For more information:

Spur has a good article about the POPOS, and a map of them.

One of my favorite podcasts, 99% invisible, did a great story on them a couple of years ago, definitely worth a listen!

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