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Friday, May 4, 2007

Medical Imaging (Not for the Faint of Heart)

I got a CD of my medical imaging studies from the past few months today. Well most of them.

It all started with a Sinus Infection, which I thought wasn’t going away. This lead to a sinus CT on 1/9/2007. There was an ‘anomaly’ in the right frontal lobe region, according to the radiologist, but since that’s not really covered in the study, it meant another study was needed. The CT is below, marked where I think the anomaly is (it was pointed out to me by the doctor in the office, but it’s hard to really see… so I could be wrong).

So then the followup, a few days later was a head CT:

Ugh, this definitely showed something not right. Followup to this was an MRI/MRA, which was from an outside vendor, so I don’t have the image. And also an angiogram. I got a second MRI on 2/22/2007, which is below. You can clearly see teh CCM on it:

On 3/1/2007 I had surgery to have it removed. About two months later I had my 4th MRI (the third was the day of the surgery. I suppose if I bugged Stanford Hospital, I could get a CD of it…
So here is my latest MRI, from 4/27/2007:

You can see some “mass effect” in the before pic, the middle line of the brain is clearly pushed to the left. This is back to center in the after. There is some swelling and such, but the neurosurgeon says it looks real good, as does the incision.

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