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Sunday, March 4, 2007


Surgery went really well. I came out of it intact (well, I hace a 2 inch hole in my brain,but that was all already destroyed. Nothing important was ruined, and it seems like they got everything they wanted to out, and there was nothing super scary I didn’t know about hiding in there. THankfully, angioma resection is easy, since they have a clear outline, an the damage done in the surgery was jut taking out all the crap that had already damaged by brain and cause a bunch of scar tissue to dorm. Therefore, I work jsut as good as I did before the surgery. As good as i did 2-3 years ago? I’ll never know, because Ill neverk now the life cycle of my lesion.

Anyhow, they let me go home today since i was healing well, can move around fine and such. Hurray for being home!

I have some pics of my funny head to post tomorrow.,


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