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Sunday, February 4, 2007


I went up to SF to take some pics to day. You can view them here. I started off on the west side of Golden Gate Park, taking pictures of the Beach Chalet and such. I walked around the park a bit, but nothing else caught my eye… and I was a bit cold and hungry, so I go in the car and went off intending to perhaps find a place to get food.

I ended up driving through the Presidio and found a nice view of he Golden Gate Bridge, so I stopped and took some pics. I continued driving and saw a sign for the Coastal Artillery Museum which evidently is near Baker beach, but I failed to find such. Maybe next time.

I eventually found myself on Clement and went back go Green Apple books, where i got a copy of Tender to the Bone, which was recently recommended to me. I failed to figure out how to get over to the mission district, and instead headed back to San Mateo at this point.

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