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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Worst Joke Ever

<nyar> what the
<nyar> [Richard Dawkins]’s married to romana II?
<rone> whuh?
<nyar> lalla ward
<rone> it’s like you’re talking a familiar yet strange language.
<nyar> yeah it’s ok
<nyar> tom baker’s sloppy seconds is all that needs to be said, and now everyone can hate me forever
<rone> yay! hate will bring us together!
<fouts> nyar needs to step out of the tardis now
<rone> his multi-colored scarf must be too tight.

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  • wmur

    Richard Dawkins was in town last week giving a speech and he brought Lalla Ward with him. My friend got not only both their autographs, but Lalla Ward chewed on the cap to his pen. (That last part sounds dirty.)

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