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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Story from yesterday

This story is actually from yesterday morning, but I feel like it deserves more propagation:

[nyar] wow
[nyar] this morning’s train ride was crazy
[A] what happened?
[nyar] well the train i took is normally 10 minutes in front of a normal train, but it ended up about 9 minutes behind schedule. So everyone was getting on this train instead.
[A] was this the wacky express?
[nyar] no, this is just a normal, albeit somewhat limited, train
[nyar] 32 bikes fit in the bike car on this
[nyar] but there is icing on this cake… there was a whacko with a bow
and arrow just north of the platform at my stop
walking around like a looney between the two tracks!
[B] heh. bow and arrows are the new terrorist choice!
[nyar] i guess so
[A] bow and arrow!
[C] nyar: Did they let you off the train, or go all “we must preserve your safety!” on you?
[nyar] oh, they let us off the train
[C] Well, that’s good, at least.
[nyar] yeah
[nyar] but i had to dig my bike out from the back of the rack, which is never fun

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