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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Landlords (and lack thereof)

Who is my landlord now? Is it the old landlord? I tend to think now, since there is still an auction scheduled for the house, even though it was pushed out a month. Is it the bank who holds the mortgage? I think so. But I don’t know who this bank is. And I think they don’t know I exist. So what’s the upshot of all this.

1) I am obligated to pay rent, or I violate the terms of my lease, evidently. And since I wasn’t told otherwise by anyone, I paid the old landlord (but there is a good record of this payment), I’m sure this tickles him pink.

2) There is no one to call for basic repairs. In particular the dimmer switch for the track lighting in my room burned out last week. I have a table lamp, but not having a light switch near the door is quite a drag. I actually bought a new switch, and spent time figuring out which circuit the switch was on, but when I opened up the workbox, well the wires made no sense, and it was just a spaghetti mess. I didn’t feel like hacking around to get it to work, so I sealed it back up. So, the upshot is, I have no working lightswitch, and no one to MAKE fix it for me. I guess I will call the tenant union tomorrow and ask them what is the right thing to do in this situation.


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