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Monday, February 6, 2012


Television isn’t glamorous, but most of us spend at least some time watching it. Recently (around the new year) I got a promotion from Comcast/Xfinity or whatever they are called, which came with some free Showtime and HBO, for a limit time (6 months/1 year respectively, I believe). With the addition of Showtime, we’ve started watching the show Homeland, which they are replaying. We’re 4 or so episodes in now, and I don’t really see how the show can keep going, but I hear that things change and it continues to be good, and that Angela ChaseClaire Danes really deserved that award or whatever she got for it.

The other thing I’ve been watching is a lot of Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspections on HGTV and DIY. This is a Canadian show where Mike Holmes, a general contractor in Toronto, rips people’s homes apart to fix various problems. He probably goes overboard sometimes, but it’s interesting to see how a lot of the things are done, and to compare how careful they are about running pipes on the ‘warm side’ of walls up there, whereas half of my pipes our OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE!

What else should I be watching?

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