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Sunday, February 22, 2009

San Lorenzo della Rabatta

At the Villa – We spent an hour or so in downtown Perugia wandering around. I took some pics, and saw some great views and the pastry snake:

Then we found our way to the villa a bit before our 4pm check-in time. Miss Teodora, the keyholder, was already there, so we dropped off our deposit, and learned that gas was 4 Euros per m^3 since we were so far out of town. We decided we would try to limit our gas usage, and we got some extra wood for the fireplace.

After we settled in we decided to go grocery shopping, and then we would decide if we would go out to eat or eat in that night. We found a PAM grocery just a few km down the road. We bought some food and such and then went back up the mountain to the Villa.

We bummed around for a bit and then decided to cook in. We had strangozzi with a tomato sauce with some turkey and chicken sausage in it, spinach and some bread. Unfortunately we did not construct a potato robot with the extra selenium potatoes we bought – well maybe some other day. The dinner was simple but quite nice and filling. The 2 Euro wine we had with it was quite nice with it. After we finished we did the dishes and lit a fire, at which point it was 9PM and Fred and I had been up for more than 30 hours. We sat around talking for a while, and at about 10:30PM we decided to call it a night. Under the blankets in my bed it was quite warm!

I woke up at 3AM and layed around before deciding to play DS for a while. I then slept from 5AM to 6:15 or so, waking up hungry. I ate a little banana loaf thing I had gotten on the plane and drank from Aranciata. At 6:45 I decided to shower, which was exciting because the stall was tiny and moving around moved the lever that controlled the pressure and temperature! After I got dressed I went out and took some pictures of the area:

I found Joan’s wallet on the driveway near the car, luckily we were in a remote place, so nothing was missing! Fred made french toast and soon we will head back out to Perugia.

San Lorenzo della Rabatta

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