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Saturday, February 21, 2009

On the way to the Villa

1050 CET. In the Fiat, heading out of rome – Fred and I landed at 7:20 then were quickly out of passport control, just a quick scan of our passports, a stamp, and we were on our way. Cool. After we got our bags we found the aweosome Leonardo Express to Termini station, where we were to meet Joan and Chris. It took us a few minutes to figure out how to buy the tickets, and soon enough the train arrived, and we piled on and were on our way through the outskirts of Rome, towards the city center.

Once there we found Joan and Chris, after a bit of up and down with our heavy bags. We took a stop at Cafe Moke for coffee and a pastry, and then grabbed a cab to the Hertz location. The cab driver was quite awesome, driving at incredibly fast speeds, weaving and dodging and honking – very exciting! Eventually he put the radio on the local English language station (for our benefit?) but then started singing Italian songs. Soon enough we arrived at the rental location, safely. We rented the car,then went to the hotel where Joan and Chris had stayed the night before to pick up their bags before heading north to Perugia. There were 5 hours before we were supposed to meet the keyholder for the Villa, so we had plenty of time.

Oh, as we were driving along the Roma loop, we saw a FIRT lose its hubcap. So exciting!

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