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Sunday, September 30, 2007

NRT Terminal 1 Gate 35

Boy the rain today is hard. I chose to skip Ueno park, as I mentioned, but I kind of wish I saw the statue of the samurai walking his dog. Zannen desu.

The propietor woman as I was leaving te hotel was very nice and gave me some tea bags with little US and Japan toothpick flags and a hotel card. Also she gave me a plastic luggage cover. That, and my raincoat and umbrella I got yesterday made the treck to Keisei Ueno terminal fairly dry. I decided to spend Y900 extra for the superliner. I currently have Y21,000 in bills to reconvert when I get back home. I think I spent 60-70K on food and trains and such (not counting hotel bills on credit cards). Not too bad for 10 days, considering I had some fantastic meals. Japan is not cheap but it is not super expensive either.

Anyhow, I got to the airport and checked in. I got tokoyaki to eat, because I could, and I noticed it before the soba/udon place. Oh well, I can get noodles at home, but not takoyaki, as far as i know.

I have 3 hours until my flight boards, assuming I get on. We shall See, we shall see.

Oh, I got duty free daifuku mochi, and a good number puzzle magazine. Too bad I don’t have a pencil, or I’d be doing puzzles now.

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