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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tengu, Ueno

Back at the hotel I took a short (15-20 minute) nap and relaxe a bit, then decided to go out. I went to Shinjuku, taking the Yamamote line, so I’ve now done the whole circuit of central tokyo. I checked my email at b@gus and tired to find the address of Tengu in Ueno, but failed. On my way I saw a BIG one in ikebukuro, so I figured I could go there if nothing else. (nevermnd the Shinjuku one). After my hour in b@gus I JRed back to Ueno to look for Tengu. I found it. Two things – 1) I didn’t go far enough earlier by 1/4 block and 2) they had a sign out in the street now that they were open, so I could have seen it where I was earlier today. So i was right, easier to find at night. I ordered all different things than last time. The fires ame with ketchup, bu about 1/4 the amount htat I would have wanted normally with that volume of fries. This Tengu is less animated than the other one, but still good. Here is what I ate:

  • Baked Oysters with mayo, cheese and panko
  • Pickle assortment
  • Sukiyake Nabe
  • Potato Fries
  • Chicken Meatball Yaki.

I did not order the shrimp and mayo pizza or whale sashimi.

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