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Friday, September 28, 2007

Room 4211

I just got back from a 1.5 hour walk around nishiki shinjuku. Shinjuku Central park is nice, I was there when they turned on the waterfalls. But really, I like it better east of the Station than here. It takes about as long to get anywhere from here as from hatagaya!

Last night I was too lazy to write, so I’ll update on that now. I walked to east shinjuku to get dinner at Tsunihachi tempura. The set that I orderd included delicious conger eel, which was alive and wrigling and shown to me before it was dispatched and fired up deliciosly. The prawns were also alive just prior to eating. The tempura was great – light and crunch. And because I was sitting at the bar, I could watch them fry it all up. It was wonderfully paces, so I got 2 items or so at a time, and I would have new fresh food right around when I finished what I had in front of me. At the end I had the obligatory miso and rice. The miso had about two dozen tiny clams in it. I pulled the yummies out of them with my chopsticks, and then it was sort of like japnese clam chowder, and very good. Dinner with beer was cheaper than breakfast by about Y1000. hah.

Afterewards I went to mistukoshi to look for something for a dessert. – Haha MTV Japan is playing HoIoM which Christian Death Metal or something. Anyway, Mitsuokoshi shinjuku has a sad foodcourt. It’s a lot more like a us mall food court than the one at the nihombashi store. But I god an orange passion fruit ice cream mochi, which I ate on my walk back to the hotel. It was pretty tasty.

Back that the hotel I watched No Reservations, then I hit the bar up for a drink. I hung out up there for about an hour, before coming back down to my room and gong to sleep.

I will enjoy the posh room a bit more before I check out. I think I’ll go to Shibuya today, and then the yokohama Ramen Museum for dinner.

Oh, I read “A Wrinkle In Time” cover to cover yesterday. It made me a bit sad, and I don’t know why. It is a lovely book. I was also bummed that I brought “A Swiftly Tiling Planet”, and not “A Wind in the Door”. So I started reading “Winter’s World” today. I want to reread Heinleins “Time for the Stars” and “Anna to the Infinite Power” Hah.

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