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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cafe Doutour, Tsuskiji

I’m going to kill a couple of hours by slacking in Tsukiji before I go to the park hyatt to slack more. MOstly slack today – my feed need it. Besdies, I am starting to get tuckered out. Hah!

So this morning I woke up around 4:40AM to the alarm. I wonder how late I would have slept on my own. I got dressed and headed outisde. I then *shambled* towards tuskihi market. My legs were being retardo. I had the aspirin in my pack, so i took some. I shambled some more and finally found the inner market. I felt recharged upon finding it. I guess the apsirin was kicking in, but also, it was really freaking neat.

So – 1) Weird trucks. They drive htem crazy all around the market. And I’ve not seen anything like them before. An engine in a barrell that you turn to move the litlte truck. So gnomish looking. But they seem to work out well.

2) The inner market was a trip. Giant tuna carcasses in very states of dissassembly. From the tail lopped off, the head and tail lopped off, to deloined. I watched a large part of the disssasembly of a particlarly huge one I arrived in the middle of the beheading. Next they cut off the finds. And then they began to remove the loins. They used a 6′ knife to remove the loin from the spine. It was fascinating.

I also got to see some smaller live fish being atually dispatched. This really creeped out a woman near me. The sheer variety of seafood there is amazing. The quantity equally so. The japapnese really like their fish, don’t they? After I weaved my way through the whole inner market, I headed out to the outer market to get some fish to eat. 3400Y later I was filled with oisshii sushi. Chutoro, tamago, aji, amaebi, tako and more. I peaked into the big concrete temple on my way back – prayer was in sesion.

I rested and showered and shaved at the hotel before chekcing out. Sadly I had seen a pharmacy the day before that i could not find today. Oh well. Changing geography makes sense in a place like this. I’ll relax more with mu kohi- and an pan before we’ll see. 1.5 more hours to kill without much walking.

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