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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sakura Hotel

Sony was amusing. Then I went to the Mitsukoshi department store. Mmmm. Food courts here are amazingly crazy. I walked around for at least 15 minutes, then I got some crab and shrimp gyoza for 1000Y. Well they came with a packet of sauce but no chopsticks. I thought I would go outside and swipe some from a convenience store – but yeah, there are none in Ginza. Grumble. But I found a secluded area in the shade and ate them with my hands. Delicious. Then, having eaten, I went back to check out the store proper and get a pastry. The store itself is a bit stuffy, but neat. I spent 10 more minutes in the food court before I got a chocolate cone. Oh, and this reminds me, that trash is impossible to throw out in Japan. I had the gyoza trash with me until the hotel. How goofy. I will chill for 15 minutes and then it is off to Roppongi.

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