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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

chairs should have backs!

Last night I went to Avec in Chicago with my brother and our childhood friend Jason, who is my age. We actually had brunch with him and his wife and young son last Saturday, but more on that later. Avec is a “tapas” like place – well small plate Mediterranean food, to be exact, which is rather popular so we had a good long wait to be seated. It is primarily long communal tables, so as a party of three we had to wait for an end spot to free up to be seated. And the chair (besides the benches along the walls) have fake backs like 3-4 inches high. Just what I didn’t want after wandering around Chicago all day and standing for 90 minutes waiting for the seat.

Anyway the weird seating aside, dinner was good, and we had a fun time talking. One thing that came up is that Jason and his wife basically alternate who is sleeping and who is awake during the night, in shifts. He stays up Late and his wife gets up when he goes to sleep. Basically, he plays World of Warcraft all night, except when the baby needs attention. Even more strange, he plays on the server I started out on. He tried to get me back in to the game, and to get my brother playing. Keith was in to it, save for the fact that he doesn’t have internet at home currently. Hah.

I will post some pics from earlier in the day later.

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