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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I mentioned this in a comment, but the landlord called my roommate back and said he is working on “modifying the terms of the loan.” In other words, he is trying to keep the house. I wonder why it took until foreclosure started to do that. We’re basically in a wait-and-see state. We have the URL for the auction, so we can keep on eye on that. So far there is no first bid from the bank, which is a better than bad sign.

If the house does get sold, the worst case, near as I can reckon, is we get 60 days to move out. But it could be more complicated than that, since Foreclosures Do Not Affect Rent Control Rights. My current belief is that this house is covered by rent control, but I do not have proof of that. Basically it would mean that we are safe through the end of the lease (not that much longer than the 60 days past the sale) and that they couldn’t arbitrarily evict us, or raise the rent arbitrarily. San Francisco is a weird city. There are other possibilities of what might happen as well, but the worst case is livable, I suppose – save this would make it three years in a year that I’d move, and four out of the last five.

On a brighter note, here is a cute picture of a kitten:

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