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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Brain Is Still There

I got the report back on my 18 month MRI, aka my last MRI, today. Here it is:

Exam Date: 08/12/2008 	 
Examination: MR BRAIN 	 
Indication: Status post arterial venous malformation, 	 
parenchymal hemorrhage.  Status post resection. 	 
Technique: Sagittal T1.  Axial T1 pre-gadolinium, T1 	 
post-gadolinium, dual echo T2 and diffusion weighted EPI. 	 
Coronal T1 post-gadolinium fat saturation and FLAIR. 	 
Comparison: 07/2007, 04/2007 and 02/2007. 	 
Report: Previous right frontal craniotomy surgical 	 
changes again noted.  Beneath the craniotomy defect there is a 	 
focal area of encephalomalacia characterized by mild broadening 	 
of some of the local and cortical sulci of the right frontal 	 
temporal region surrounded by  areas of mixed signal intensity 	 
characterized by T2 prolongation and signal void outlining the 	 
grey/white junction and the encephalomalacia.  There is a linear 	 
irregular band of contrast enhancement soft tissue coursing 	 
through the area of encephalomalacia.  All of these changes are 	 
nearly identical to the study of July, 2007.  There is no 	 
restricted diffusion.  No new focal signal abnormality.  No 	 
midline shift or abnormal extracerebral fluid collections. 	 
Posterior fossa and brain stem normal.  Cortical sulci, 	 
ventricles and basal cistern anatomy normal.  Mild 	 
leptomeningeal enhancement beneath the craniotomy. Signal void 	 
depicted in the intracranial vessels at the skull base.  Orbits 	 
symmetric.  Small retention cyst or polyp, inferior right 	 
maxillary antrum, present previously.  Paranasal sinuses and 	 
mastoid air cells otherwise well aerated.  Corpus callosum fully 	 
formed. Sella turcica normal.  Cerebellar tonsils at a few 	 
millimeters below the foramen magnum but within normal range. 

Boring, but basically it says “everything is as normal as can be expected”.

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